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AM-PM - О компании

АМ.РМ is the world’s first brand of ready-made bathroom solutions. АМ.РМ offers full collections of bathroom products – of any style and for any budget, the range comprising all product categories, from sanitary ceramics and wellness products to mixer taps and accessories.

The brand stands out thanks to its unique brand territory: AM.PM makes dream a reality.

The brand’s efficient business model allows to develop bathroom solutions that combine the best market features and technologies with a unique design philosophy, delivered at market-leading prices.

AM.PM is a European company, seamlessly blending Nordic and Italian design influences, underpinned by dependable German engineering.

AM.PM partners with a handful of best-in-class designers, engineers and manufacturers, allowing us great flexibility, strong negotiating power and low overheads – the perfect formula for making our iconic emotional designs accessible to more people.

АМ.РМ – Live Your Dream

AM-PM - about the company

We all have dreams.
However more often than not those dreams come at a price.
One that most people can’t afford.

AM.PM makes dreams a reality.



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